Statistician and Analyst Placement

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Statistician and Analyst placement future genetics

Job Description:

This is a rare opportunity where you can learn and gain valuable experience working on analysing large and complex datasets. We are now expanding our team and looking for someone early in their career who wants to apply their learnings from university around biostatistics, statistics maths, and bioinformatics to our projects.

These positions are based at our new offices in Birmingham. You will be working with our research team at that same site as well as engaging our other teams at different NHS sites and our Wolverhampton research facility via Microsoft Teams.

We offer two unpaid placement opportunities:

  • Summer placement (between June – September 2022). This role is open for any interested applicants.
  • 12-month Undergraduate placement (starting summer 2022). This role is ONLY open for undergraduate students.

Key Responsibilities:

You will work closely with different teams based in the NHS and our research facility to establish the statistical significance of different datasets and analyses. This will include work such as:

  • Applying statistical methodology to complex datasets;
  • Support analysis for different human population studies;
  • Reviewing analysis plans for appropriate methods;
  • Work with the wider team to best ensure study outputs are of a high standard and produced in a timely manner.

Skills that the young person will develop:  

  • This placement is a great chance as you will have worked in multi-disciplinary teams that required you to convey complex information to people who may not be specialists.
  • You will have learnt how to dissect and critically evaluate large clinical and scientific datasets
  • You will get a chance to work with varied professionals, networking with those in different roles across the company.

This experience will help to enhance your CV and skills portfolio.

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About Future Genetics

Future Genetics is a precision medicine research company whose focus is simply the patient.

We are focused on improving the healthcare of different ethnic populations in doing so and strive to have a broad and inclusive team of researchers and scientists to help reduce the current health inequalities faced by female and ethnic minorities populations.

Our UK-based research programmes are designed to address medical challenges that are faced by the NHS.

A key focus is to help reduce the challenge of health inequality by running clinical studies that include patients and healthy people across all communities and ethnicities (

Next steps

Please forward a copy of your CV to, specifying which role and placement you are applying for. For undergraduate placements, please send your application using your university email address.

We will contact applicants that have been successfully shortlisted for interview within one month of them applying.

We wish you all the best!