Addressing Sex and Ethnic Minority Inequalities

Addressing Sex and Ethnic Minority Inequalities

During each day of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week 2022, #EQW2022, (  #FutureGenetics will highlight its commitment to empowering society by proactively addressing UK health inequalities that have persisted for decades (

Day 2:

There has been a longstanding issue of under-representation of women in science. The UK statistics speak for themselves ( Minorities

Data from the Royal Society show career progression STEM* statistics for UK ethnic minorities is abysmal (

Lack of colour at the top

The reality is that we should have more women and ethnic minority representation, and particularly importantly in senior positions rather than the typically white male boardrooms that dominate many UK organisations ( and, and with respect to the #NHS and #healthcare, where the ethnic minority Board representation “is just 11.1% across all NHS trusts and foundation trusts” (  

Our Commitment to Women and Ethnic Minorities

Future Genetics has had a longstanding commitment to help address this disparity by providing equal opportunities for employment and internships to females and ethnic minority candidates. This mission has then evolved through engagement with a programme devised by the #University of Birmingham, #Newman University and #University College Birmingham ( that led to the development and formalisation of our Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Programme (

Many of our other posts show the diversity of our staff and interns both past and present. Several staff who have recently completed Future Genetics 6-month employment programmes via a government funded scheme have now moved onto some fantastic permanent employment, and we are confident that these young individuals will make their positive impression on society.

 *STEM, science, technology, engineering or maths

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