Science World

On 10th October 2019, I and another member of our clinical research team, Charlotte Jones, visited Science World in Leicester, run by ThermoFisher.

It was a day where members of the scientific community from around the West Midlands descended on to the Leicester Tigers Rugby Ground to learn about the various scientific suppliers that exist and the products they produce.

It was a great chance for myself and Charlotte to discover the wide array of products currently on the market and the specialities of each of the companies present, which will then be of use when looking at laboratory supplies and equipment in the future, as well as aiding our general understanding of how a laboratory functions. 

But the day wasn’t all too serious. There was the opportunity to view Prof Hal’s Bigger Bang, a show produced by Prof Professor Hal Sosabowski of University of Brighton, which travels the UK to show the fun and entertaining side of science. Alongside this was the Boiler Boys who were using liquid nitrogen to produce instant Ice Cream and Dragon Breath Meringues.

The day was perfectly topped off by the final key note speaker, Dr Hannah Critchlow, named one of the Top 100 UK Scientists by the Science Council. Her talk was based on how a revolution of technologies is helping us to unravel and understand the mind. It was a highly captivating talk discussing how consciousness is generated and how much free will we actually have. This was alongside demos into how we can bypass the brain signals to cause body movement, and what benefits or implications this may have in the future.