Sleep Scale

Sleep Scale


    1. How long did it usually take for you to fall asleep during the past 4 weeks?

    2. On the average, how many hours did you sleep each night during the past 4 weeks?

    3. Feel that your sleep was not quiet (moving restlessly, feeling tense, speaking, etc., while sleeping)?

    4. Get enough sleep to feel rested upon waking in the morning?

    5. Awaken short of breath or with a headache?

    6. Feel drowsy or sleepy during the day?

    7. Have trouble falling asleep?

    8. Awaken during your sleep time and have trouble falling asleep again?

    9. Have trouble staying awake during the day?

    10. Snore during your sleep?

    11. Take naps (5 minutes or longer) during the day?

    12. Get the amount of sleep you needed?

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