Gillick Competence Form

Gillick Competence Form


    The INVOLVE Research Database ordinarily allows for children to participate in the Research
    Database if there is evidence of Assent as documented by the researcher, which is accompanied
    by consent from an adult with parental responsibility. Situations may arise where a child under the
    age of 16 years may wish to enrol without consent of their parent or another adult with parental
    responsibility. Researchers are trained to encourage the child to discuss the matter with their
    parents. However, where a child insists that they are entitled to proceed without an adult, those
    children will be referred to the GP at the practice to decide whether the child is Gillick competent.

    A matter between Gillick and West Norfolk and Wishbech AHA (1986) set a legal precedence that
    children aged 15 years or below may be sufficiently mature and intelligent to understand and make
    their own decisions.

    As a GP responsible for the care of the patient, and who is suitably qualified to assess whether a
    child is Gillick competent, you will form your decision on factors that include consideration of the
    1. Maturity
    2. Intelligence
    3. Experience in similar situations and the ability to consider influences that may be affecting their
    decisions including the Research Database information and peer or family pressure.
    4. Ability to understand and evaluate the risk and benefits of participating in the INVOLVE
    Research Database

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