Consent Form – Competent Adults

Consent Form – Competent Adults

Medical & Scientific Research to Help the nation and world live better

INVOLVE Research Database

    The Research Database’s aims and design are summarised in the Patient Information sheet.
    Regardless of whether a person decides to take part or not, the treatment and care that persons receives will not be affected.
    Please read the sheet. If you are happy to take part in the Research Database, then this will
    be confirmed by the completion of this form.

    I have read and understood the Participants Information sheet that has the title “INVOLVE
    Research Database Information for adults” (version: INVOLVE_PIS_ Adult _20191205_v1).
    The researchers have provided opportunity for me to ask any questions, and these have been
    answered by them.
    I confirm the following:
    i. As an adult, only I can decide to take part in the Research Database
    ii. The collected samples and medical information will be de-identified before any
    research analysis is done
    iii. Regardless of whether I take part in the Research Database or not, I understand my
    medical care is not affected
    iv. I can withdraw from the Research Database at any-time, without the need to give any
    v. I understand that once I withdraw, any information or samples that have been deidentified
    will continue to be used for authorised research.
    vi. I understand that if I die, de-identified information and samples will be used for
    continued authorised research.

    I provide agreement to the below:
    i. The researchers will keep my identity private, except where researchers have to
    contact organisations to request data, as set out in Section 3 herein.
    ii. The researchers can continue to review my medical records and store them on the
    Research Database, unless I withdraw that specific consent.
    iii. Samples provided by me can be used to carry out research studies by Future Genetics.
    iv. Researchers may contact me to request additional samples or information
    v. Researchers may contact me to invite me to join future research studies.

    I provide agreement to donate the below samples to the researchers:
    i. Saliva (spit).
    ii. If there is a need and your doctor can accommodate blood samples that are collected
    as part of routine clinical care.
    I understand that samples may be used for:
    i. INVOLVE Research Database
    ii. Future approved research studies by Future Genetics
    iii. Studies that will look at the whole DNA as well as other genetic and non-genetic
    material found in the samples
    iv. De-identified samples are classified as personal data. These may be sent to
    collaborators and specialist service providers in the UK and abroad, that produce
    scientific and medical data that supports the research studies carried out by Future

    I understand that the INVOLVE Research Database requires the comparison of de-identified
    medical records and samples to carry out the research.
    I confirm that I understand the following:
    i. Only the authorised researchers will have access to my data
    ii. All identifiable data held by the authorised researchers will be treated as private and
    iii. All the collected data and information will be de-identified before it is used in any research analysis and experiments.
    iv. The purpose of de-identifying data is to protect the identity of the participants
    v. There is no financial incentive or benefit to me by:
    a. participating in the research database;
    b. providing data;
    c. providing samples; even if the research were to result in any advance including the development of new therapies or medical and scientific tests.

    I provide agreement to the below:
    i. Authorised researchers can access and store electronic copies of the participants past
    and future medical records to the Research Database on the condition that only deidentified
    data is used in any subsequent research analysis
    ii. Researchers may obtain different data to store on the Research Database from
    organisations that hold my personal and medical data, such as my GP Practice,
    hospital, clinics, social care, and medical or scientific data stored on any local or
    national databases or registries
    iii. Researchers may obtain and store data to the Research Database from the
    abovementioned organisations by providing the same organisation(s) with my
    identifiers such as name, date of birth, and NHS number
    iv. Researchers will attempt to derive maximum benefit from the data they have so will
    look at as many medical and scientific areas of interest as possible
    v. Data will be collected at different time points by approved persons, in order to allow
    the research to continue, unless the participant is withdrawn from the project.
    vi. De-identified data is classified as personal data. This may be sent to collaborators and
    specialist service providers in the UK and abroad, that produce scientific and medical
    data that supports the research studies carried out by Future Genetics.

    I confirm that I understand the following:
    i. The purpose of this research database is to support continued research efforts that may lead to improved healthcare and wellbeing of the UK population and beyond
    ii. Once samples and data has been collected it will be de-identified
    iii. Scientists carrying out the research will not be able to link any findings to individual participants. Therefore, it is not practically possible to share “individual” findings with any of the participants.

    I provide agreement to the below:
    i. As the results will be generated from de-identified data, that data cannot used to provide me with information
    ii. I accept that I will not receive any information on individual findings.

    Completion of the below form confirms the provision of Informed Consent for the named participant to join the Research Database.

    This original completed form will be stored by the researcher as part of the INVOLVE Research Database Records. Copies will be provided to you and your doctor. You can either receive a paper-copy or have a copy emailed to you. Please let the researcher know your preferences.

    Thank you again,
    The Research Team from the INVOLVE Research Database.

    To help us carry out our research more effectively we request information on ethnicity and any illnesses that you have or had.

    Information on ethnicity may help us understand which medicines are best suited for different groups of people.

    Could you please let us know your ethnicity?


    Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups

    Asian / Asian British

    Black / African / Caribbean / Black British

    Other ethnic group

    Could you please tell if your child has or has had any of the below illnesses?


    Atrial Fibrillation

    Blood Pressure/Hypertension


    Cardiovascular Disease

    Chronic Kidney Disease

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

    Coronary Heart Disease



    Diabetes Mellitus


    Heart Failure

    Mental Health

    Peripheral Arterial Disease

    Rheumatoid Arthiritis

    Stroke and Transient Ischemis Attack (TIA)

    Participant’s NHS Number:
    INVOLVE NHS Site number:
    GP Surgery Name: