8 Commitments

8 Commitments


As a study participant you agree to:

1.Give Future Genetics some of your Saliva (spit). which may be used to analyse your DNA.

2.Fill out some health questionnaires

3.Give Future Genetics permission to look at your medical & health records until you leave (withdraw)

4.Allow Future Genetics to have access to your other health information held by the NHS

5.Future Genetics giving access to de-identified data to different third-parties in the UK and abroad for the purposes of research and development and education

6.Knowing that you can leave the study (withdraw) at any time, and you do not need to give any reason for changing your mind 

7.Understanding that taking part in the study does not offer you any personal nor financial benefit, and instead it may help Future Genetics efforts to reduce health inequality by finding out which medicines are suitable/unsuitable for certain groups and communities in the UK

8.Giving us permission to possibly contact you in the future to ask you if you can give us additional biological samples e.g. some more saliva (spit), fill out questionnaires, or take part in a future study.

Please visit the weblink to access the patient materials for this (EMPOWER-1) study
You will have to register as the study is only available to certain GP surgeries at any one given time