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You may already have visited our home page and social media updates through LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and have seen our key successes. With this we have several new job and internship opportunities within our organisation.

If you were inspired by this and want to be part of Future Genetics please read the below.


Future Genetics is still delivering on its goals and growing despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Job Opportunities:

Currently we are offering a limited number of clinical researcher, data analysts, biostatistician and statistician and social media specialist employment opportunities.

Industrial Placements:

There are a limited number of undergraduate degree students industrial sandwich year placements.

Work experience:

We also have a opportunities for short 20-day work-experience internships for young people to gain insights into working in research and clinical settings.

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Employment Opportunities Employment Opportunities Employment Opportunities
Clinical Researchers Data Scientists Bio-Statistician, Statistician 
Employment Opportunities Employment Opportunities Employment Opportunities
Social Media Executive Medical Records Scientists Bioinformaticians


Future Genetics is a research organisation that is committed to empowering patients and people so that they can live more healthier and better lives. 

Future Genetics wants to readdress the health inequalities that exists in the UK. We are approaching this by education and also clinical and scientific research.

We are looking for people who want to contribute to our goals, and we always are looking to empower teams to think bigger and better so we can make a difference to society.

Lucy (Future Genetics Research Scientist)

Different ways to be part of the team:

We are currently offering opportunities to the right people:

Student Placements at Future Genetics

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  2. Work-experience & Internships
  3. Undergraduate 4-year degree Sandwich industrial placements

Presentation by Future Genetics CEO at the Aston University Bio-Sciences Careers Event:

A presentation by Dr Mohammed Kamran (Future Genetics) at an event organised by Aston University’s careers (Aston Futures). The presentation encourages students to:

(1) Never settle for second best

(2) Be the best that they can

(3) Follow a career path that inspires them.

Contact us if you are interested in joining us

If you share our values and want to learn more please contact us by emailing info@futuregenetics.co.uk or: