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Laboratory placements

About Future Genetics

Future Genetics is a precision medicine research company whose focus is simply the patient.

We are focused on improving the healthcare of different ethnic populations. With this goal in mind, we strive to have a broad and inclusive team of researchers and scientists to help reduce the current health inequalities faced by female and ethnic minorities populations.

Our UK-based research programmes are designed to address medical challenges that are faced by the NHS.

A key focus is to help reduce the challenge of health inequality by running clinical studies that include patients and healthy people across all communities and ethnicities (

In 2022, we will be introducing a range of health and genetic screens to  our NHS partners, patients, businesses and the general population. As part of our company you will be trained to process these tests. 

Placement Description         

These are demanding industrial placements that includes running genetic, molecular biology and biochemistry tests; review and analyse large medical and clinical datasets across multiple diseases that are being investigated in the EMPOWER-1 clinical research study. This includes heart diseases, diabetes, cancers and neurological diseases; help build and maintain our various health, genetic and genomic databases. In addition, prepare and upload content for different websites and social media platforms. You will also support us in administrative, office and other laboratory responsibilities.

Future genetics lab

You will receive training in Good Laboratory Practice and Good Clinical Practice skills. You will also be required to develop your competence and proficiency in identifying, reviewing and analysing medical, scientific and pharmaceutical data.

In addition, the work requires attention to detail and a scientific mind to extract key information from different sets of data, including scientific papers and medical reports. You will also be directed to specific pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics resources as well as molecular biology and drug databases.

These demanding placements allow you to use and develop your existing scientific skills to learn complex processes related to the study of disease progression and treatments. Additionally, you will also gain valuable experience within genetic and molecular diagnostic and analysis.

You will be expected to engage in internal and external events, attend conferences & symposia as well as engage in activities that support the company to meet its objectives on reducing health inequality.

Why join the internship with Future Genetics?

  1. An opportunity to train your student mind to be sharper and advanced in research.
  2. Equip yourself with skills early in your career, that are usually acquired at post-graduate level.
  3. Future Genetics wants to train students as the next generation of scientists and clinicians that get involved in ethical and value driven research early in their careers.
  4. Our organisation will benefit as we will be delivering on our goal of encouraging diversity and empowerment.

What does the Work Experience Involve?

  1. Detail-orientated laboratory and office based work.
  2. Work at a high Quality-Scientist level when running laboratory tests and analyses
  3. Develop a clear understanding of the pathophysiology of diseases that causes significant poor health and death, alongside understanding the pharmacology of different drug treatments.
  4. Receive training to compile and analyse large and complex medical, pharmacological and genetic datasets associated with EMPOWER-1, which is the largest registered clinical research study of its kind.
  5. You will follow a structured learning and development experience that will equip you with clinical data analysis experience from multiple primary and secondary sources.    

Desired Demonstrable Outcomes at the end of the experience  

  1. Key Skills in Scientific and Clinical Data Analysis – you will have learnt how to dissect and critically evaluate large clinical and scientific datasets
  2. Key Skills in Scientific and Clinical Research – you will have Training Certificates confirming skills in areas that are relevant to your role as a Scientist.
  3. Scientific engagement and networking skills – Where practical and appropriate, you may attend at least one event or conference in the area of science or medicine (this will be arranged and supported by the Company).

Length of Work-Experience

We offer two unpaid placement opportunities:

  • Summer placement (between June – September 2022). This role is open for any interested applicants. 
  • 12-month Undergraduate placement (starting summer 2022). This role is ONLY open for undergraduate students.

How will you benefit?

Depending on the amount of time and effort invested in the opportunity, the project may provide:

  1. Research experience in working on a leading-edge multi-site clinical research study designed to reduce health inequalities
  2. A competitive advantage when applying for graduate opportunities in research as well as further education in the form of MSc or PhD training.
  3. Even if you move away from science, we hope that you will have acquired transferrable skills such as working under pressure, high level of attention to detail and meeting deadlines

Next steps

Please forward a copy of your CV to, specifying which role and placement you are applying for. For undergraduate placements, please send your application using your university email address.

We will contact applicants that have been successfully shortlisted for interview within one month of them applying.

We wish you all the best!