Festival of Genomics: Speaker Event

Festival of Genomics – Speaker Event: Pharma and the Growing Need for Patient Genetic Diversity

Part 1 – A Matter of Equality 



Thank you all for attending today. I want to thank Front Line Genomics for inviting me to speak today. They have asked me to prepare a presentation with the title ‘Pharma and the Growing Need for Genetic Diversity’. For me, this is really around one thing and that is ‘Equality’. I drive my sense of equality, primarily from my faith. Also being a child from the 80s/90s, seeing a path unfold in front of me, as well as music from that era. 

The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) on the 7th of March in the year 632 gave his final sermon. His (pbuh) final sermon was about one thing; Equality. What he (pbuh) said was, ‘an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab and nor does non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab’. He (pbuh) then went on to say ‘a white person has no superiority over a black person and nor does a black person have any superiority over a white person’. He (pbuh) stressed the point that we should neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. If you think about our culture, the British culture and society, it’s embedded in this principle around equality. We have laws that protect us around this. With respect to healthcare, we have the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which directs the NHS to reduce the health inequality that exists. To the point where the NHS is plowing in significant resources to address this issue; £20bn at a minimum every single year.