Disability Adjustments Passport – jobs and internships

Disability Adjustments Passport – promoting equal access to jobs and internships

Future Genetics has just taken part in a University of Wolverhampton organised Disability Adjustments Passport Focus Group comprising of academic organisations, government bodies along with public and private companies.

This was a good opportunity for us to contribute, share insights and build on our commitment to better support disabled employees and interns.

AGCAS (2021) report

A recent Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, AGCAS (2021) report* highlights that there are differences in securing permanent employment between disabled and non-disabled graduates. The gap between disabled and non-disabled postgraduate (taught) level is particularly evident with 66.9% of non-disabled graduates in full time employment compared to 56.4% of disabled graduates.

Adjustments Passport

The Adjustments Passport captures the student’s adjustments and support that they may have had whilst in education and any revised support they may need in the workplace.

Adjustment passports can be a useful tool to help disabled staff and employers work together to make the appropriate adjustments that allow for improved employment outcomes.

The passport’s aim is to empower the passport holder to have the confidence to have conversations with employers by:

  • providing a living document of the individual’s adjustments and in-work support needs
  • reducing the need to repeat information and assessments
  • supporting the holder to have confident conversations about their disability and adjustments
  • Raising awareness of Access to Work and the support it can provide.




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