Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Genomics and Clinical Diagnostics in Healthcare

The Genomics Revolution has begun – lets be sure that you’re not left behind.

A key presentation on genomics will be delivered by the CEO of Future Genetics who will be attending the Oxford Global event being held at Covent Garden, London.

Dr Kamran is an invited speaker on the topic of “Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Genomics And Clinical Diagnostics In Healthcare“.

He was happy to accept the invitation because this is an area of medicine that he is passionate about. During the presentation he will talk about the opportunity that the NHS has in revolutionising the management and treatment of patients with the promise of NGS based personalised care and medicine.

Areas covered in the presentation will highlight some of the current challenges related to tackling breast cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, dementia,  Alzheimers disease, and the opportunity that NGS presents.

Dr Kamran will be placing particular emphasis on the importance of the NHS commitment to reducing healthcare inequalities.

He will highlight why it is imperative that the general public become more aware of the absolute need for all communities and ethnicities in the UK to get involved in this emerging genomics revolution.

Lets share the message that the NHS belongs to and is there to serve all of us. In order for that to be a reality then we all need to step-up and contribute.

The details of the presentation are listed below:

Tuesday 22 May.  13.30-14.00. Conference Room 1 (Cornwall Suite).

The session will be chaired by Dr Axel Vater who is the Chief Scientific Officer of Aptarion Biotech (Germany).


NGS, Genomics And Clinical Diagnostics In Healthcare

  • The Importance of Beginning with the End in mind
  • Gaining buy-in from the Principle Stakeholder: challenges around consent and data sharing
  • The promise of NGS and the (significant) barriers associated to that delivery
  • Delivering the Promise

Future Genetics hopes that some of the readers can attend the conference, but appreciate that this is not going to be possible for everyone.


Dr Kamran has been invited to Chair a panel discussion at the event titled “Accelerating the Genomics Revolution“:

The panel discussion will not be recorded unfortunately due to copyright issues, but there will be a summary report of the discussion made available at this website.

For those interested in attending in person, the event is being held in Covent Garden London:

De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms

61-65 Great Queen St
Tel: 020 7405 7811 

The event has been organised by Oxford Global.


In addition to Dr Kamran, speakers from leading companies have been invited to speak at this event.


The two-day conference consists of an educational programme that includes over 60 presentations, postulating topics on scientific, technological and investment growth in the industry. The  2018 Biotech Investment showcase is the UK and Europe’s most focused and leading-edge funding, investment and partnering forum in the biotech sector, hosting over 200 attendees. 

Please view the full agenda by clicking the below link:

*Post-event update: The session was recorded by our Junior Intern Asad Kamran, so please revisit the site to watch.

Asad our Junior Intern - reviewing slides before presentation

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