Genetic tests – Paternity, cancer and more

Genetic tests – Paternity, cancer and more

In line with Future Genetics commitment to perform innovative R&D to reduce health inequalities and help improve health outcomes for all, we have recently invested in multiple technologies including but not limited to the Next-Generation Sequencing (#NGS) hardware in the form of the @Thermofisher Ion #GeneStudio S5 and Ion Chef.

Genetic Testing

During 2022, we will be developing and bringing our range of EMPOWER® genetic and genomic tests to patients and consumers so they are truly empowered to lead more informed and healthier lives.


We will be launching a range of relationship tests, including paternity tests.



In addition, given the devastating impact of cancer on many families across the UK, we will be introducing cancer screening service programmes that can be accessed by anyone.


Unfortunately health inequalities related to breast cancer still exist in the UK (


Our focus on Breast Cancer is highlighted in a presentation given by our CEO in 2018, excerpt here (full video can be viewed by scrolling to bottom of our main page (  

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Future Genetics will be focused on introducing genetic screening for breast cancer over the next 12 months that will be linked to a system of follow-up monitoring to support better health for our clients and patients.

Liquid-biopsies open opportunity for early cancer detection

With the introduction of “liquid-biopsy” cancer screens, Future Genetics may:

  1. find cancer at an early stage
  2. help plan personalised/ targeted cancer treatments given by the NHS
  3. monitor and check how well any particular cancer treatment is working
  4. Once clear, regularly monitor to check if the cancer has come back
  5. Help doctors build a picture through the tests we have run over time so the doctors may understand what kind of molecular changes are taking place, so they can potentially tailor the treatment


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