Proactive steps to reduce high Blood pressure

Hypertension – Proactive steps to reduce high blood pressure

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Proactive steps to reduce high blood pressure

There a number of things that we can do that will help us either lower our high blood pressure or prevent development of high blood pressure

The first is to swap an unhealthy diet with a healthy one, for example by reducing the amount of salt that is consumed and introducing more fruit and vegetables to your diet

If you believe that you may be drinking too much then try and reduce the number of units that are consumed each week

We know that being overweight is a key driver for high blood pressure so weight loss can be a great way of reducing high blood pressure

Following on from this, regular exercise can also reduce high blood pressure and coincidentally also facilitate weight loss.

Sometimes it is very easy to not realise how many cups of coffee we consume in a day therefore we should monitor how many caffeine containing drinks we drink each day. The fewer the better!

Lack of sleep and broken sleep are associated with high blood pressure therefore create an environment where you can have a good nights sleep which should last for at least six hours each night.

There are a proportion of people who need medication to control their high blood pressure and ill talk more about this in the next section.