The Importance of taking action

Hypertension – Importance of Taking Action

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Importance of taking action

The importance of acting sooner rather than later.

Given that a reasonable proportion of people will not be aware that they have high blood pressure, realistically the only reliable way to check for high blood pressure is to have a blood pressure test. Guidelines suggest that all adults that are 40 years of age or more should have their blood pressure reviewed at least every five years.

You can have your blood pressure measured in a number of settings that include your GP surgery, pharmacies, and some workplaces blood pressure monitoring is also part of your NHS health check. At future genetics our ethos is empowerment so invariably we would recommend that you take ownership of your health and use one of the facilities that I’ve just mentioned or invest in a blood pressure monitoring machine.

So, to demonstrate how easy it is to measure blood pressure I’m going to measure mine. As you can see it takes less than a minute.