Heart Failure – Disease Overview

Heart Failure – Disease Overview

We have created a series of medical education videos to EMPOWER people. The aim is to create an awareness of different diseases.

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Heart Failure – Disease Overview 

At Future Genetics we want to engage with people and patients so that they can better understand diseases and illnesses that are relevant to them. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Please always see your doctor for any concerns you may have.

As we know the heart functioning is critical to life. The heart failing to pump blood around the body properly is sometimes referred to as heart failure. This usually occurs because it has become too weak or rigid to carry out its function properly.

Although people of different ages can develop heart failure it tends to be more common in older people.

Heart failure is a progressive and long-term condition that worsens over time. Although there is no cure, the symptoms associated with heart failure can be controlled for a long period of time that can span across many years.