Epilepsy –  Symptoms

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Epilepsy symptoms

 The reason for the seizure symptoms being variable may be dependant upon the part of the brain that has been affected, given that different parts of the brain have their own distinct function.


Seizures may result in a number of symptoms that include:

  1. Experiencing a “fit” where a person uncontrollably shakes and jerks.
  2. Not being aware of their environment. This may be indicated by them blankly staring into space.
  3. Being unable to move and their body becoming rigid.
  4. Experiencing “odd” sensations. These may include unusual tastes or smells, tingling in the arms or legs, or the feeling that the stomach is lifting or rising.
  5. Person falling or collapsing.

Some Epilepsy patients may lose consciousness and not recall the seizure event.