Epilepsy – Overview

Epilepsy – Disease Overview

We have created a series of medical education videos to EMPOWER people. The aim is to create an awareness of different diseases.

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Epilepsy – Disease Overview 

My name is Alice and I am a research scientist at Future genetics.

This is a series of videos that provide a summary of Epilepsy. I hope that these will be informative and will sufficiently empower you to take action to better manage the condition or help somebody with Epilepsy.

This information video was prepared in collaboration with my colleague Lucy Field.


The brain contains billions of nerves which communicate with one another through a series of electrical impulses and chemical changes.Epilepsy affects many people in the UK. There are approximately 600,000 people in the UK that have been diagnosed with Epilepsy and have been received medication to manage the disorder.Epilepsy results in seizures that are caused by surges of electrical impulses that result in the brain failing to temporarily function properly. The symptoms of the seizures are variable.


Epilepsy isn’t scarily age dependent. However, it often presents itself in children or those aged 60 or above. In most cases the condition remains with people for life, although the severity of the symptoms can reduce over a period of time.