Eating better and exercising regularly

Diabetes – Eating better and exercising regularly

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Diabetes – Eating better and exercising regularly

Early on in this series of videos I mentioned that eating healthily and exercising on a regular basis is an effective way to help keep your blood glucose levels in check. In addition to this you will also have better management of your weight and hopefully feel generally better in yourself.

Eating Options

There are no absolute restrictions on what you can’t eat as a type 2 diabetic. Instead the advice is to limit the quantity of certain food types.

The general advice is:

  1. Eat balanced meals that include vegetables foods that contain starch such as pasts, and fruit.
  2. Reduce sugar, salt, and fat
  3. Eat meals at regular times: so, begin with breakfast then lunch and finally dinner. Try not to skip means because this may cause problems for your diabetes.

If you need to make changes to your diet this can be done by making small gradual changes to your eating habit each week.  There are organisations that are able to support you to make changes to your diet as well as getting support from a dietitian. Please speak to your GP for further information.

The importance of exercise

Research has shoe that approximately 2 and a half hours of physical exercise a week can help lower glucose sugar levels.

The physical exercise can take the form of many things so long as you feel that you have “exercised”. Examples include:

  1. Walking at a fast pace which is sometimes referred to as power walking.
  2. Walking upstairs
  3. Gardening
  4. House work