What to do if tests results are positive?

Diabetes – What to do if tests results are positive?

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Diabetes – What to do if the test results are positive?

The doctor will look at the test results and move forward with what they think is the best treatment for you. He or she may discuss a number of things with you such as;

  1. The disease itself.
  2. Why too much sugar in the blood is particular bad for somebody with type 2 diabetes.
  3. What types of medicines are available and which one may be most appropriate for you.
  4. The importance of either starting or continuing to exercise as well as potentially modifying your diet.
  5. Making life style changes in order to reduce the progression of the disease. This may include advice around alcohol intake and smoking

Being told that you have type 2 diabetes is a lot to consider especially with the likely need to make changes to the way you live. Therefore, it may be helpful to make a follow up appointment with your GP if you have any concerns. There are also organisations such as diabetes.co.uk and websites such as NHS.uk that can provide further information and support.