Dementia-Mild Cognitive impairment

Dementia – Mild Cognitive Impairment 


Dementia- Mild cognitive Impairment

It is important to appreciate the symptoms of mild cognitive impairment or MCI. MCI does not cause dementia. Instead persimmon MCI has minor issues with cognition, memory, and thinking. The three Common planes that effect mild cognitive impairment are:

  1. Loss of memory.
  2. Find it difficult to concentrate.
  3. Difficulties in reasoning and planning.

Because the symptoms are mild and do not impact on every mild cognitive impairment is not classified as dementia. MMC I can present due to underlying illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or issues with the thyroid gland. Often, addressing the underlying illness can resolve dementia like symptoms.Some MCI patients having an increased likelihood of developing dementia and this usually associated with the presents of Alzheimer’s disease.