Dementia – Importance of taking action

Dementia – Importance of taking action 

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Dementia – The importance taking action

The importance of Acting quickly for a dementia diagnosis

There is no current cure for dementia. Future genetics appreciate the debilitating nature of this disease and how it compromises the person with dementia, and how in effect friends what’s the best of the person. Future genetics is committed to carrying out quality research to identify new types of ” genetic markers” that the used to formulate new treatments in the years to come.

Although there is no new cure on the horizon, seeing your doctor for an assessment is important because diagnosis at the early stages of dementia can allow doctors to slow the progression of the disease and also to help maintain the person’s mental functions.

The early diagnosis with follow-up treatment and support can allow many people to live fulfilling and active lives.

As time progresses and essentially at the latter stages of the disease, the symptoms of dementia worsen significantly. The consequence of this that a person with dementia will be far less independent and May news many of the faculties to communicate effectively.

How many people in the UK have Alzheimer’s?

Data from the Alzheimer’s Society suggest that 850,000 people in the UK have dementia. The statistics just that approximately 7% i.e.14 people although the age of 65 develop dementia. This statistic then increases to almost 17% 4 people over the age of 80 years.

Given the trend that people are living longer it is estimated that year 2025 billion people the UK will have dementia.