Chronic Kidney Disease – Treatments

Chronic Kidney Disease – Treatments

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CKD treatments


Unfortunate there is no cure for CKD currently. Clearly this is an area of interest to Future Genetics because we believe that by exploring our genetics we could find cures to common diseases such as CKD and others.


Although there is no cure there are treatments that can manage the disease (i.e. stop or reduce the progression of the disease) and it’s symptoms such as pain and discomfort.


There are four main treatments for CKD:

  1. The obvious is to live a healthy lifestyle
  2. Take medicines that can effectively manage diseases such as high blood pressure that can lead to CKD  
  3. People have that have advanced kidney disease require an intervention on a regular basis called dialysis. In summary dialysis involves using a machine or a device that filters and cleans the blood on behalf of the kidneys.
  4. Kidney transplants. If the doctors agree that a transplant is a viable option it can be offered to patients where possible.