Chronic Kidney Disease – Overview

Chronic Kidney Disease – Disease Overview

We have created a series of medical education videos to EMPOWER people. The aim is to create an awareness of different diseases.

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Chronic Kidney Disease – Disease Overview 

Chronic kidney disease.


My name is Alice and I am a research scientist at Future genetics.

This is a series of videos that provide a summary of chronic kidney disease (or CKD). I hope that these will be informative and will sufficiently empower you to take action to better manage the disease or help somebody with CKD.This information video was prepared in collaboration with my colleague Lucy Field.



As is suggested by the name chronic kidney disease is an illness that develops over a long period of time where the kidneys are affected.


CKD is a common disease effecting a large number of people in the UK, and it is more common in older people. The disease effects people of different heritage, although those of black and Asian desent are affected in larger numbers.


Given that CKD is a chronic disease the kidney function of a person with the illness can decline overtime and if left un-managed may lead to kidney failure i.e. the kidneys failing to function at all.


With proper management many people with CKD are able to generally live normal and productive lives.