CHD – Relationships

Coronary Heart disease – Relationships 

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Coronary Heart disease – Relationships 

Relationships and CHD

Having heart disease or if you have undergone heart surgery may affect how you feel for a while. It can be difficult to talk about your condition or experience even with your loved ones. The experience may also impact on your sex life. As difficult as it may be, its worth opening up to your partner, family, and friends about how you feel and what you need from them. Sometimes it may be some alone time and at other times you may need a listing ear to talk about how your feeling.

Intimacy and CHD

Having a diagnosis of CHD or undergone heart surgery can be a worry about whether you can be sexually intimate with your partner. In most cases sexual activity can resume when the patients feels well enough. As with all things communication is the key. You should discuss what each of you feel. Often a great start is simply being close to one another in the form of holding and touching each other.