Coronary Heart Disease – Medicines 

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Coronary Heart Disease – Medicines

CHD Medicines

There are a large number of drugs that can be used to treat CHD the 2 major modes of action of the majority of CHD drugs is to either act on high blood pressure by bringing it closer to normal or to act in a way allows for the widening of arteries.

Nearly all medicines have side effects associated with their use, and because people are individuals and different from other people this means that a drug that works particularly well in one group of patients may not necessarily work for another group. In the absence of a dependable test that informs your doctor which is likely to be the most appropriate treatment, then the doctor must follow an approach that leads to them identifying the best drug for you. In some cases, this may take time.

Future Genetics is carrying out leading edge research to find solutions that allow doctors to confidently prescribe the best suited medicine for each different individual patient.