CHD – Angina

Coronary Heart Disease-Angina 

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Coronary Heart Disease – Angina 

CHD and Angina

The chest pain associated CHD is due to angina because some of the blood vessels of the coronary arteries feeding the heart are partially blocked. A mild chest pain may present as an uncomfortable feeling that is similar to the pain experienced during indigestion. If a person experiences a severe angina attack this may present as the chest feeling heavy, tight and painful. This pain is usually experienced in the centre of the chest that may radiate to the stomach, back, arms, jaw or neck.

Patients have reported that the angina usually occurs as a consequence of a stressful situation or physical activity. The angina episodes are transient in that they only last for 10 minutes or less. The angina may be limited by the person resting or taking a nitrate spray or tablet.