CHD – Trreatments

Coronary Heart Disease – Treatments

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Coronary Heart Disease – Treatments

There is no cure for coronary heart disease or CHD. However, there are treatments available that can help control the symptoms associated with the disease as well as reducing the likelihood of serious events such as heart attacks.

Steps to manage the disease include:

  1. Make positive lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and exercising regularly.
  2. Start taking medicines that tackle the disease.
  3. Undergo a process called angioplasty. This involves the use of stents and balloons to widen the narrowed coronary arteries.
  4. Where other options are not sufficient or viable then your specialist doctor may recommend surgery.

Steps to recover from serious events that may arise from CHD

As I have previously mentioned having CHD may have serious symptoms such as having a heart attack. CHD patients may also undergo invasive processes such as undergoing and angioplasty or surgery. These events can clearly have an impact on the patient and their family. Please be aware that there is external support available. If you feel you need help please contact your GP for advice. There are also a number of charities in the UK such as the British heart foundation that are able to offer help and support.