CHD – Overview

Coronary Heart Disease-Disease Overview 



Coronary Heart Disease-Disease overview

At Future Genetics we want to engage with people and patients so that they can better understand diseases and illnesses that are relevant to them. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Please always see your doctor for any concerns you may have.

My name is Alice and I am a research scientist. Today I am going to summarise Coronary Heart Disease. I’ll begin by giving you an overview of the disease and then move on to talk about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and prevention.

So, lets begin. Coronary heart disease or CHD is a significant cause of death not only in the UK but also worldwide. Sometimes CHD is referred to as ischaemic heart disease.

Symptoms associated with CHD

The three main symptoms associated with CHD are:

  1. Feeling pain in the chest which may be caused by angina.
  2. A heart attack.
  3. Heart failure.

CHD can be difficult to detect because different people may not necessarily have the same symptoms. There is also a group of people that do not show any symptoms prior to their diagnosis of CHD. This last point is of particular concern because of the serious consequences accolated with CHD. At future genetics we are carrying out innovative research to develop reliable ways of firstly identifying people who may have a higher risk of developing CHD in the future and secondly to detect those patients that have the disease but not show symptoms. Our hope is that this research will lead to improved health and survival outcomes.