Asthma – Tablets

Asthma – Tablets 

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Asthma – Tablets 

Your healthcare professional will decide that the use of inhalers as a stand alone treatment is not sufficient to manage the asthma. The person may therefore be prescribed tablets in addition to the inhalers.

Leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRAs)
Leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRAs) are the most common tablets used for managing asthma. In addition to the tablet form they are also available as a syrup or powder LTRAs are taken daily to reduce the likelihood of symptoms presenting. Side effects that a person may experience include a stomach ache or headaches.

Because people are different some patients may not respond well to LTRAs either the doctor or specialist nurse may consider prescribing theophylline as a treatment if symptoms are not being properly controlled. This medicine also needs to be taken on a daily basis. Some of the side effects the patient may experience may include a headache or nausea (feeling sick)

Steroid tablets
Steroid tablets may be prescribed when other treatments are unable to maintain control of symptoms, and there is an increased risk of asthma attacks. your healthcare specialist will advise you on whether steroid tablets are taken to relieve or prevent asthma attacks. If steroid tablets are prescribed to deal with asthma symptoms when they occur the tablets should be taken immediately if the person has an asthma attack. Steroid tablets can also be used as a preventative medicine if the person has a history of very severe asthma and inhalers have failed to control the asthma.

The long term or regular use of may lead to side effects in some patients. These include;

  1. The appetite increases, which can lead to weight gain
  2. Person bruises easily
  3. Person experiences mood changes
  4. Bones become weak that increases the risk of breakages. This is called osteoporosis
  5. A person develops high blood pressure.

Given these potential side effects your GP or specialist asthma nurse should ask you to visit them for regular monitoring in order to make sure all is well.