Asthma – Diagnosis

Asthma – Diagnosis

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Asthma – Diagnosis 

Asthma is diagnose by your GP reviewing your symptoms and considering them alongside some straightforward test however sometimes people are referred to a specialist to confirm a diagnosis.

When you visit your GP he or she may consider four key things. These are:

  1. Your symptoms
  2. When they occur and how often
  3. Do the symptoms coincide with any possible trigger for example smoke
  4. Whether you have any atopic conditions such as eczema or a family history of any atopic disease

After the clinical review the doctor may carry out some basic tests. These types of breathing tests may not be practical for all young children. Therefore the doctor may need to prescribe an asthma inhaler that should be administered the next time there are any breathing difficulties for the child. It is important that you note whether the inhaler was able to manage the symptoms

Asthma tests
There are three main diagnostic tests for asthma that are common;

  1. FeNO test. This is a test that measures the amount of nitric oxide in the breath, which can indicate whether there is inflammation in the lungs
  2. Spirometry. This measures how fast a person can breathe and how much air their lungs can hold.
  3. Peak flow test. This measures the speed with which a person can blow air outward the GP may give a peak flow meter so they can monitor the score over a period of a few weeks.

If person is diagnosed with asthma they may also be offered an allergy test to try and identify possible asthma triggers.