Asthma – Causes and Triggers

Asthma – Causes and Triggers

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Asthma – Causes and Triggers

We breathe in air through our mouth and into our lungs where a series of tubes. For people with asthma these breathing tubes sometimes get inflamed or swollen which then in turn makes them narrow and therefor the passage of air between the mouth and lungs difficult.

It is difficult to predict when someone might have asthma symptoms or have an asthma attack. Sometimes the asthma episodes cannot be explained and other times maybe associated with a ‘cause’ or ‘trigger’ there are six common triggers or causes associated with asthma. These are;

  1. Allergens such as animal fur and pollen.
  2. Cold air
  3. Pollution
  4. Smoke
  5. Exercise
  6. Having an infection such as a cold or the flu
    Once a person becomes aware of what might be associated with an activation of their asthma symptoms they can take steps to reduce risk by avoiding those triggers.