Asthma – Disease Overview

Asthma – Disease Overview

We have created a series of medical education videos to EMPOWER people. The aim is to create an awareness of different diseases.

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Asthma – Overview

Asthma affects many people in the UK and it tends to be associated with transient breathing difficulties, ie. occasional episodes where a person struggles to breathe properly

The disease presents itself differently in different patients. It can affect both children and adults. Asthma usually first presents itself during childhood although it can also develop in adults.

Currently asthma is incurable. Given that so many people in the UK suffer from this, we at future genetics re working hard by carrying out cutting edge and innovative  research, clinical and scientific studies to find a cure.

Although there isn’t a cure at the moment there are a number of ways and straight forward treatments that can effectively manage the symptoms so that children and adults can lead reasonably normal lives.