Obesity – Your GP and addressing obesity.


Obesity- Your GP and addressing obesity

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Obesity- Your GP and addressing obesity

Your GP and addressing obesity.
Your GP should be able to provide advice and support around losing body weight in a safe manner. And also carry out a risk assessment for you if you are overweight or obese. In order for the GP to do this he or she may ask you 5 general questions
1) Lifestyle e.g. the type of food ypu eat and the level of exercise, and whether you smoke, and if you do drink how many units do you drink per week.
2) A review of your medical history to identify whether you have a medical condition or are taking medicines that may have contributed to gaining weight
3) Understand how you feel about being overweight or obese. It is important to be honest with your GP if you feel depressed
4) Understand your level of commitment around losing weight
5) Understand your family history with respect to obesity and health conditions that are associated with being overweight or obese eg coronary heart disease or diabetes.

In addition to the above the GP will also check your BMI and the level of risk you may face with respect to health complications associated with being obese. He or she therefore may measure your
1) Blood pressure
2) Take a blood sample that will be used to measure glucose and cholesterol levels
3) The circumference of your waste

As I mentioned in an earlier section of this presentation men who have waist circumferences of 37” or more (94 cm +) and women who have waist circumference of 31.5” (ie 80 cm) are at an increased risk of developing health complications associated with obesity
Obese people with particular ethnicities such as African, afro-caribbean or Asian individuals may have a further elevated risk of developing hypertension which is high blood pressure

Another point to bear in mind is that people of different ethnicities have different values associated with what is a healthy weight circumference. Once your records have been reviewed and you have been assessed your GP will invite you to a follow up appointment to discuss an action plan.