Obesity – Diet Choices

Obesity – Diet choices

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Obesity – Diet choices

Causes of obesity As I mentioned earlier, simply put obesity is caused by eating more food than your body needs to function coupled with activity levels that are too low to allow for a healthy life

What are calories?
Food is used as an energy source by our bodies. The energy that a quantity of food holds is measured in units that are referred to as calories. Speaking in general terms two and a half thousand calories a day are required by a man who is physically active if he is to maintain a healthy body weight. The number of calories required by a woman in the same setting is two thousand calories a day.

Although two and a half thousand or two thousand calories may seem like a lot it is important to appreciate that different foods have different amounts of calories. For example, a sugar and fat laden cake will contain many more calories than a piece of chicken breast with boiled vegetables.

In order to bring the relationship between calories and food into perspective let’s look at an example. Making wise decisions around food choices plays a key role In weight loss a single fast food meal comprising of a hamburger, fries and a milkshake may have up to 1,500 calories. If this meal is consumed by a person alongside potentially two other meals, and that person is not physically active then it is likely that this person may become overweight or obese over a period of time if the same pattern of eating and sedentary life continues.