Data Scientist Jobs

Data Scientist Jobs – Fantastic career developing 6-Month paid Data Analyst Scientist opportunity with Future Genetics Limited


Outline of Job description

This is a rare 6-Month employment opportunity where you can learn and gain valuable experience & insights around analysing clinical, pharmacological and pharmacogenetic data to find out why medicines sometime may not work in people of genders and ethnic groups.


Future Genetics is principally focused on equality and empowerment, and with this we have now launched an extensive graduate training opportunity that provides six months of paid employment for young graduates aged between 18-24 in the field of data analysis.


You will be working and be part of the largest Clinical Research Study of its kind, which is called EMPOWER-1. This study is designed to reduce health inequalities that exist between ethnic populations in the UK (


You will need to be trained as a Data Analyst by completing receiving training, which will allow you to learn and develop key skills in analysing different types and clinical and scientific data. The training includes mentoring session run twice a day where you feedback and discuss the analysis completed during the morning and mid-afternoon.


You will be coached to give oral presentations. We anticipate your training period should last up to 1 month, but this will be extended as required. Once a person has successfully completed their training phase, they can start independently carry out in-depth data analysis at our research facility, with continued daily team-debriefs.


There is a requirement that daily activity tables are electronically sent to the Director.


Key Responsibilities

These 6-month training placements are designed to provide you with an opportunity to learn and develop skills and proficiency in identifying, reviewing and analysing medical, scientific and pharmaceutical data. The work requires attention to detail and a scientific mind to extract the key information from different sets of data, which includes scientific papers and reports. You will also be directed to specific pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics resources as well as molecular biology and drug databases. You will be required to extract, review and analyse key data and then populate that in pre-formatted report files.


Skills that the young person will develop

You will have gained skills working as a Data Analyst Scientist, which itself opens up opportunity to working different roles in the field of scientific and medical research. You may also develop key transferrable skills such as effectively communicating with a broad range of people. 


Period of employment

These 6-month positions are based on working 25-hours a week with pay at the National Minimum Wage/ National Living Wage (as applicable) for the persons age group.



The positions are based at our research facility in Wolverhampton.



Given that the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the availability of R&D scientific and clinical research opportunities where there is a risk of long-term unemployment, these positions are only open to young people aged between 18-24 who are receiving Universal Credit. Given the nature of the role, the applicant should have completed a degree in one of the biological sciences such molecular biology, biosciences, biochemistry or pharmacology, nursing, medicine or pharmacy.


How to apply

If you are eligible, please contact your local Job Centre to discuss the opportunity with your DWP Work Coach. Please provide them with the company name (Future Genetics) and Job title (Data Analyst Scientist).