Clinical Research Scientist – Graduate Jobs

Trainee Clinical Research Scientist                                    

Fantastic career developing 6-Month paid Clinical Research Scientist opportunity with Future Genetics Limited.

Outline of Job description

This is a rare 6-Month employment opportunity where you can learn and gain valuable experience & insights of recruiting NHS patients and collecting important medical data.

Future Genetics is principally focused on equality and empowerment, and with this we have now launched an extensive graduate training opportunity that provides six months of paid employment for young graduates aged between 18-24 in the field of clinical research.

You will be working and be part of the largest Clinical Research Study of its kind, which is called EMPOWER-1. This study is designed to reduce health inequalities that exist between ethnic populations in the UK (

You will need to be trained as a Clinical Researcher by completing our formal Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training programme. As a pre-requisite, this involves completing three online training courses, where you will obtain the corresponding NHS GCP certificates. This will then be followed by in-house training at our research facility in Wolverhampton. That training includes you giving oral presentations and role-play with senior managers and some of our Contract Researchers at the facility. On successful completion, you can then proceed to the NHS site, where you will be coached and supervised until we feel you are able to engage patients in an appropriate manner from a clinical research perspective. We anticipate your training period should last up to 1 month, but this will be extended as required.

Once a person has successfully completed their training phase, they can start independently engaging NHS patients by recruiting them into our clinical studies. Supervisors will visit you at your site at least once a week. There is a requirement that daily activity tables are electronically sent to head-office and you attend monthly company team meetings.

Key Responsibilities.

Once you have completed the mandatory training, you will initially be supervised when engaging NHS patients. You will approach patients to explain the purpose of the work being conducted at that NHS site, and how the patients can help if they decide to take part. If a patient provides consent, this would need to be confirmed in writing and them provide a saliva sample. You would also ask the patients if they agree to complete clinically validated health questionnaires, which may allow us to identify at-risk patients. That information could then be used by the doctor in managing the care of patients.

As patients do ask questions, you will be trained to answer their questions accurately and reliably without using scientific language.

The job has considerable responsibility as you will have to demonstrate consideration to patients, professionalism, courtesy and diplomacy at all times. Moreover, given that you will be privy to patients private information you will be required to keep all patient and company information private and confidential and therefore will be bound by confidentiality agreements.

Given that you will be working with NHS patients that include vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children, all offers of employment are subject to an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check that you must provide the company along with details of two referees where one would be an academic referee.

Skills that the young person will develop.

You will have gained skills working as a Clinical Research Scientist, which itself opens up opportunity to working different roles in the field of clinical research. You may also develop key transferrable skills such as effectively communicating with a broad range of people by following a structured learning and development experience that will equip you with valuable clinical (patient engagement) experience.  

Period of employment.

These 6-month positions are based on working 25-hours a week with pay at the National Minimum Wage/ National Living Wage (as applicable) for the persons age group.


We have multiple NHS sites across the West Midlands. We currently have vacancies in Birmingham and Dudley.


Given that the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the availability of R&D scientific and clinical research opportunities where there is a risk of long-term unemployment, these positions are only open to young people aged between 18-24 who are receiving Universal Credit. Given the nature of the role, the applicant should have completed a degree in biological sciences, nursing or pharmacy.

How to apply.

If you are eligible, please contact your local Job Centre to discuss the opportunity with your DWP Work Coach. Please provide them with the company name (Future Genetics) and Job title (Trainee Clinical Research Scientist).