Welcome to Future Genetics 

In order for us to deliver on commitments to improve human and pet health, we will need your, the public’s engagement

We always want to better understand patient and family views on treatments and the impact of illness and disease, so encourage an exchange of views and information

Some you may want to know more about what we do, especially once we start to release new data-sets aimed at empowering people to take charge of their lives and futures


We are a Genomics Research and Development organisation that conducts leading edge studies with a focus on improving the health and well-being of individuals and families

We are able to focus on our objectives by working and collaborating with a broad spectrum of NHS stakeholders

The organisation is able to fund its research activities by providing medical affairs consultancy to global/ multi-national pharmaceutical companies as well as providing scientific consultancy to UK Learning and Development companies that engage with the NHS and private sector

Future Genetics Articles

Collaborating to improve NHS patient outcomes

Collaborate and Thrive – how to improve NHS patient outcomes by delivering better medical technologies  The Challenge  The NHS continues to take great strides in making a significant contribution to improving the wellness of a population that (at the same time) continues to increase in size and complexity. This introduces challenges to both public and …

Diabetes – The Time is Right for the Revolution

Diabetes: As the CEO and Medical Director of Future Genetics, I have attended (so far) 7 healthcare and scientific conferences/ symposia this autumn: NHS Expo 2017 (Manchester Central) UK Health Show (Olympia) Data Science – Basis of Precision Medicine (Imperial College) Best Practice National Association of Primary Care (NEC) Better Science through Better Data (Springer …